• If a parent wishes to withdraw his son/daughter, he/she must give clear two months notice to the school. Parents withdrawing their children after 30th July of a year should pay fees for that full academic session.
  • If parent wishes to withdraw his/her son/daughter after 30th march, should submit an application for to the principal on or before February 28th. After that no application will be accepted.

One failure during the orientation period i.e., Classes VI, VII, VIII can be condoned by permitting the boy/girl to repeat the class in which he/she fails. If a student fails after the orientation period, he/she will be withdrawn.

The Principal may in the interest of the school, order withdrawal of a student from school, should the student’s conduct, behaviour or influence in the opinion of the Principal, be detrimental to the general discipline/interest of the school.

All fees are payable in advance. It should be paid at least quarterly before the beginning of the quarter. If dues are not received by the first day of the month by which they are to be paid, a reminder will be sent informing the parent/guardian that the amount due is to be paid by the 7th of the month.