Every parent is a member of the P.T.A. Parent – Principal – Teachers interaction will be convened after every FA examination. Collective suggestions for improvement in performance and facilities shall be framed by the meeting one general body. Four executive meetings and three class-wise interactions of the P.T.A are conducting every academic year.

Parents/guardians are requested to co-operate with school authorities in maintaining discipline and the traditions of school like initiative, upright behavior, and courtesy. This is possible if the parents strengthen our hands by:

Promptly attend the school circulars regarding fees, leave, escorts, and CCE report.

Visit the school on the days mentioned.

Meet the school authorities when specifically requested to come to school.

Send your suggestion from time to time for the improvements of the school.

See that the children prepare their lesson well and actively participate in the activities of the school.

If you have any change in address and phone number you are to inform the authority.

Ensure that the children are not carrying valuable articles/jewelry and electronic devices.

Get the information that irregularity and habitual negligence of studies or disobedience to remove from rolls.

Ensure the regular payment of fees on time.

See that children wear the proper uniform and the required study materials.

See that children spend at least two hours in the evening and one hour in the morning studying their lessons.

The children should be encouraged to talk in English at home if possible.

Please do not make any criticism of the school teachers or authorities in front of your children.

Please be present for the PTA meetings.

Please do not send liquor bottles to the school to be used as water bottles.

Ensure safety and security while bringing them to school or carrying them back home.

In case of your children is travelling by your own transport please ensure that he/she reaches school on time.